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Winner is: J.b

Ticket number: 719 Answer: 5

Congratulations Josh Bell


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Winning Ticket Prize
Winner! - #114 - Anatolijs Sobolenko £100 Cash
Winner! - #118 - Josh 🍀 £100 Cash
Winner! - #569 - Josh 🍀 £100 Cash
Winner! - #701 - Joshua Bell £100 Cash
Winner! - #1997 - Josh 🍀 £100 Cash

About This Competition

Main Prize

Every ticket purchased will be in with the chance to win £250 Cash which will draw on Tuesday 6th February 2024.

Instant Wins

There are 5 instant wins available.  If your ticket number matches any of prizes listed in the raffle tickets you can claim that prize instantly. Wins are updated in real time and you will receive an email advising you of your win. Whether you receive and instant win or not, your ticket will still be in the draw for the £250 end prize.